Haven Announces First of Its Kind Integrated Smart Apartment Technology for Student Housing

Announcement Date: January 26, 2017

Haven Campus Communities is pleased to announce the introduction of its Student Smart platform. Haven will become the first student housing firm to develop an integrated technology platform that specifically addresses the needs of the student housing market. Haven has partnered with Airwave Networks to create an open standard automation system that enables the students to take control of their individual units. This reinvention of the apartment living experience will give students direct access to state-of-the-art voice command technology and change the way they interact with the community. From maintenance requests to smart locks, to loading a favorite playlist, Haven and Airwave’s partnership has created a customizable suite of smart apartment systems into a single intuitive mobile platform.

Living spaces are designed with integrated smart home technology to provide the latest in modern conveniences and improve unit efficiency. Students will have the ability to utilize entry door smart keys with keyless entry that can be integrated with smartphones via a mobile app. Once inside, students can control common area smart lighting, smart thermostats and smart ceiling fans. The Amazon Echo, provided in each unit, is powered with state-of-the-art digital concierge services customized to the university and the community. Students can learn about upcoming resident appreciation nights, check the score of their favorite teams, reserve study rooms, or schedule one of the 1,000+ On-Demand fitness classes, provided at all of Haven’s properties, among many other features. Each Haven Student Smart Apartment project will have video intercom controls with iOS and Android compatible applications with electronic key access. Video surveillance throughout the property will have record keeping technology, enabling property management staff to maintain a log of all guests entering and leaving the building.

Haven is an industry leading off-campus student housing development company that continually focuses on placing innovation and technology at the forefront of their business model. Haven recognizes the need to consolidate the abundance of smart applications into an overall platform that would not only benefit, but improve the student housing experience. When combined with Airwave Networks expertise and premiere broadband solutions, the possibilities appear limitless. “We are building for tomorrow, creating an intuitive living experience for students and staying on the cutting edge of technology,” said Jay Williams, co-founder and president of Haven Campus Communities. The first Haven Student Smart Apartments will be available in Fall of 2017.